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African Association of Madison


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The African Association of Madison, (AAM) Inc. is a non-profit organization that serves as a forum to unite

in purpose people of African descent and friends of Africa. The association provides services that

promote and encourage the collective culture, social, educational and economic welfare of its

membership and engage in activities that contribute to the public education of the community.

We are the African Community of Madison

The Madison area‰Ûªs African community, representing over 30 African countries, has had a presence in

the Madison area since at least the mid-1960s.
This community has grown over time as Africans have moved to Madison to teach and study at the

University of Wisconsin and to make their mark in the public and private sectors. It has made many

contributions to Madison and has become increasingly engaged with the greater Madison community,

symbolized with the first African-born Madison alderperson elected in 2015.

Recently, the African community ‰ÛÒ a tight-knit community that prizes education and excellence and is

now 3,000 ‰ÛÒ 5,000 strong ‰ÛÒ has added to its ranks as people from Somali and other countries in Africa

have sought out the opportunities and promise that Madison has to offer.

About the African Association of Madison

Founded in 1993, the African Association of Madison, Inc., is a federally recognized 501c (3) and a

State of Wisconsin Chapter 181 non-profit organization.
The mission of the African Association of Madison is to foster the advancement of Africans in Madison.

The Association serves as a forum to bring together and unite in purpose, Africans, people of African

descent and friends of Africa in the Madison area. The core of the approximately 200-registered

membership of the Association is made up of African immigrants, African students, second-generation

Africans and other persons who have familial or business relationships with Africa.
The goals of the Association are to safeguard and share the diverse heritages and traditions inherent in

the rich culture and heritage for the presentation of an objective view of Africa.
To achieve these goals, the Association organizes Africa Fest as an opportunity for Americans and

others to learn about African culture and traditions directly from Africans.