EQT by Design


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EQT By Design exists to bring diverse voices into the center of decision-making. Diverse voices in decision-making builds the pathway to overall happiness, health and well-being.Each person is inclusively welcomed in their community as they realize their own self-defined happiness and well-being, and actively participate, prosper, and reach their full potential with no limits!Collaborating and partnering with diverse groups to keep resources and solution-making in their hands.

Equity and inclusion as the means by which customers and community cultivate and curate a relationship together.Co-creating solutions that are sustainable and root cause oriented.

Keeping diverse voices in the center of client solutions.

Offering advice and design that tells you what you need to know and not just ‰ÛÏwhat you want to hear.‰ÛRepresenting diverse voices without marginalization, misappropriation or perpetuating oppressive systems to make the business viable.

Maintaining an awareness of its own bias and unconscious actions and beliefs when working with clients, community, and constituencies.