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One City Schools


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ccess to clean, drinkable water and healthy food. Climate change. Energy Alternatives. Urban and rural poverty. Economic and population health disparities and crises. Innovations in STEM and Social Enterprise. Global and local leadership and political conflicts. World peace.

Children who can read well, love to learn, enjoy solving problems and thinking creatively, and understand how to challenge the status quo while working effectively with others to accomplish goals will be best prepared to successfully address these issues, lead happy lives, raise happy and healthy families and contribute to a healthier and more unified world as adults.

One City Schools, Inc. is nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization that operates high quality independent and public preschools and grade schools in Wisconsin dedicated to this purpose. We believe in the Village concept ‰ÛÒ that it truly takes a village to raise successful children. We are committed to bringing communities together to create and run excellent schools that successfully cultivate healthy, happy, thoughtful, and resourceful children who have the capacity, passion and commitment to thrive personally, empower others and change the world for the better.

With this in mind, our mission is to seed a new model of public education that ensures young children are on track to succeed in a college or career preparatory program from birth through high school graduation. Our short-term vision is of a Greater Madison where all children are prepared to contribute and succeed as adults. Our long-term vision is of a Wisconsin and United States of America where all children are prepared to achieve the same. Solving the achievement gap crisis won‰Ûªt matter if a gap still exists between children in the USA and children in other developed countries around the world.

We will achieve our aims through a two-generation community impact approach to cultivating healthy and successful children. We provide affordable, accessible and high-quality preschools and community programs, and tuition-free grades schools, that partner with parents and the community to prepare young children for school and life success. We also work hand-in-hand with parents and the broader community to ensure our students have the fundamental capacity to succeed in school and life from cradle to career, and become the innovators and effective leaders we will need them to be in the future.

Our 21st Century Equity Agenda brings our mission, vision, priorities and strategies together to focus on two important goals:

Breaking the cycle of longstanding achievement and opportunity gaps that have symbiotically undermined the goals, aspirations and potential of generations of children of color and under-resourced children in Wisconsin and across the United States, and
Creating a new system of public education that effectively prepares all children, from birth through higher education, to tackle today‰Ûªs challenges, solve tomorrow‰Ûªs greatest problems, and lead successful, happy and enriching lives as adults and parents in a rapidly changing and globally competitive economy.
Two Schools: One City Preschool and One City Expeditionary Elementary School

We currently operate two schools: One City Preschool (OCP) and One City Expeditionary Elementary School (OCEES). Our Preschool is an accredited, independent, 5-Star tuition-based early learning center serving children ages 24 months to 3-years-old. Our Elementary School is a tuition-free public charter school that presently serves children in four-year old (4K), five-year old (5K) kindergarten and first grade. In February 2019, One City Schools, Inc. was approved by the University of Wisconsin System, our public charter school authorizer, to expand our public school to serve children from 4K through 6th grade. We will continue adding grade levels to our Elementary School each year until we reach 6th grade, including adding second grade for the 2020-21 school year. We will also add a secondary school in the future that will enable our students to grow with us from 7th grade through high school graduation as well.

The Greater Madison community has an extraordinary opportunity to be the best village in the country for raising healthy, happy and successful children. We are asking the Greater Madison community and those who support strong children and families to join us and the parents of One City children in our collective effort to turn the tide against low school achievement and generational poverty at its roots ‰ÛÒ during a child‰Ûªs first five years of life. Together, we can empower children for a lifetime of happiness and success.